Naming and


In the field of branding, the choice of a name and the design of a lettering are decisive in differentiating a brand.

At Etform, we deeply understand the importance of effective naming and distinctive lettering to establish a brand that is clearly visible and enduring in the audience's memory.

We create names and typographic styles that not only reflect the essence of the brand, but also stand out for their originality and registrability.

Creative and strategic process behind naming

Our approach to naming combines creativity with strategy. We understand that every name has the ability to tell a story and evoke emotion.

At Etform, we work closely with our clients to develop a name that reflects the brand's unique identity and resonates with the target audience.

Lettering Design with Character

The marks must be clearly visible and distinctive, with a unique typography style that can be registered.

Our main objective is to enhance the distinctive character and personality of lettering formed in combination with highly recognisable brand symbols.

How do we do it

Creative Consultations:

We start the process with creative sessions to deeply understand the brand's values and personality, which allows us to develop highly personalised naming and lettering proposals.

Research and Analysis:

We carry out a detailed analysis of the market and the competition to ensure that both the name and the lettering are unique and effective in the sector.

Development and Testing:

Our team of experts develops multiple options, testing their visual impact in different contexts and applications, thus ensuring their effectiveness.

Brand Integration:

We work to ensure that naming and lettering integrate perfectly with other elements of the brand identity, creating a synergy that strengthens market presence.

Projects that inspire:

Here begins a brand with a character of its own