A good key visual will express the quality of the product more effectively and clearly. To describe it and add the emotional part that captures the consumer's attention. Nowadays, it is a basic tool to express the values and essential elements of the brand from the shelf to the home.

The real decision to buy a product is made on the shelf. In a context of similarity, an original and powerful key visual can achieve more effective communication and better results.

We process an image 60,000 times faster than text. Hence, a powerful key-visual can be easier to remember than text. It will bring identity and impact to the brand it represents.

Visual Concept Development

At Etform, we create visual concepts that are distinctive and communicative. A key visual must capture attention quickly, being a fundamental tool for effective and memorable communication.

Consistency in Campaigns

Consistency in CampaignsWe use key visuals as a coherent element in all our advertising campaigns, ensuring that each image reinforces the brand's identity and impact in the marketplace.

Our aim is that these visuals become easily recognisable and memorable to consumers.

How do we do it

Instant Attention Capture:

We design key visuals that capture the consumer's attention in tenths of a second, harnessing the power of visual processing in the brain.

Identity and Impact:

We ensure that each visual key brings a clear identity and impact to the brand, making it easy to remember and recognise.

Visual Efficiency:

We create images that are processed quickly and remembered easily, because the decision to buy a product is made in front of the shelf.

Basis for Sales Success:

We develop key visuals that are critical to the sales success of products, especially in competitive environments.

Projects that inspire:

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